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Mr. Logan is a Licensed Architect in multiple states and is nationally certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.  Mr. Logan has more than thirty-five years of experience in design, architecture, and construction and has been responsible for the programming, design, and development for a myriad of project types including commercial, educational, governmental, institutional, manufacturing technologies, health and medical, information technology, historic preservation, and residential facilities.  Mr. Logan’s experience as an Architect has included standard architectural services, project and construction management, contract administration, building code and accessibility analysis, owner representation, risk management, forensic investigations, site surveys, security assessments, feasibility studies, building failure analysis, cost estimating, alternative dispute resolution, and litigation support services.  Mr. Logan has also provided services as a Construction Manager and Superintendent on multiple projects.

For several years Mr. Logan was retained by the State of Colorado as an Owner’s Representative where he was responsible for overseeing the programming, design development, and construction of numerous higher educational facilities.  While in this position, Mr. Logan was charged with establishing program requirements, developing probable cost statements, ensuring code compliancy, and overseeing all construction efforts.  He was responsible for negotiating all changes impacting project costs and schedules.  As the Owner’s Representative he acted as mediator for all disputes related to the projects, gaining extensive field experience in conflict resolution.

Mr. Logan has extensive experience in performing forensic investigations, site surveys, and facility audits.  Generally, these services have included complete analysis of existing structures and their components in order to perform cost-benefit analyses, feasibility studies, life-cycle cost analysis, physical security surveys, risk assessments, and risk management.  Additional forensic investigations have included accident investigations of the conditions and circumstances relating to premises liability, personal injury, and wrongful death.

As a former Certified Building Plans Examiner Mr. Logan has provided various types of code consulting services.  These services have included full plan review and resolving building code interpretations with building departments throughout Colorado and other states.

In addition to preparing cost estimates on AAG’s architectural projects, Mr. Logan has extensive experience in preparing Probable Cost Statements in various capacities.  As an Owner’s Representative for the State of Colorado, Mr. Logan was responsible for developing project budgets based on program plans for soliciting funding from the State Legislature and Economic Development Authority.  Mr. Logan has also provided estimating services concerning remediation and repair work for various insurance companies and law firms, and retained to perform apportionment analyses when multiple parties are involved.

Mr. Logan is routinely involved in various types of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Litigation Support services.  These services have been provided for various client types including architects, engineers, developers, contractors, building owners, homeowner associations, insurance companies, private individuals, and law firms.  Mr. Logan has assisted in negotiating settlements and has provided expert consulting services relating to claims involving construction defects, design defects, code compliance, change-in-scope, value-added claims, unforeseen conditions, schedule delay, acceleration, lost productivity, nonpayment, professional standard of care, industry standards, copyright infringement, personal injury, wrongful death, and premises liability claims.  Mr. Logan has been qualified as an expert in multiple courts and other judicial hearings.  Mr. Logan has also provided litigation and expert witness services regarding security issues such as negligent hiring, security management planning, foreseeability, critical incident management, lighting, excessive use of force, and security standards.

In 2006, Mr. Logan established a security consulting firm in response to an overwhelming need relating to physical security applications and environmental criminology.  Logan Security & Investigation Services (f/k/a The Physical Security Architects, Inc) is focused on areas involving problem-oriented policing, environmental criminology, physical security design and technology, risk/threat assessments, security surveys, critical incident management, and other private forensic investigation services.  Should you require such services, please contact Logan Security & Investigation Services directly.  Find out more at

  • Position

    Principal/Forensic Architect

  • Licenses/Certifications

    Licensed Architect
    NCARB Certified
    Certified CPTED Practitioner
    Certified Forensic Interviewer
    Physical Security Professional
    Professional Certified Investigator

  • Education

    Professional Bachelors of Architecture

    Master of Science/Administration of Justice and Security

    Alternative Dispute Resolution

    Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

    Numerous Continuing Education

  • Professional Affiliations

    American Institute of Architects

    American Society for Industrial Security

    Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

    Loss Prevention Foundation

    National Council of Architectural Registration Boards

Consulting Services

Owner Representation
Risk Management
Forensic Architecture
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Litigation Support
Expert Witness

Forensic Architecture

Facility Assessments
Compliance Studies
Controlled Maintenance
Cause and Origin
Incident Investigations
Evidence Documentation
Design Defects
Construction Defects
Repair Design
Standard of Care

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