Risk Management


The Architectural Alliance Group provides risk management consulting services regarding the mitigation of design and or construction related defects.  These services generally include:

  • Peer Review of Design/Construction Documents
  • Building Code and Accessibility Analysis
  • Contract(s) Review
  • Construction Observations for Quality Control/Assurance

Peer Reviews

Professional Peer Reviews are typically performed throughout the design development process of a project in order to mitigate and in many cases eliminate the potential for design related defect claims.  The errors and or omissions of architects and engineers are often called into question when damages and or failures are observed.  Historically, the majority of defects identified include lack of detailing or improper detailing regarding the building envelope components.  Additional areas however include non-compatibility of differing materials, insufficient information, lack of proper coordination between disciplines, and non-conformance with manufacturer’s recommendations.

Although the damages and failures caused by the design deficiencies can be corrected once identified, it is extremely costly and typically results in legal claims against the design professionals.  The best time to mitigate these potential deficiencies is during the design development phase.  Third-party peer reviews is a highly recognized approach in ensuring that adequate and proper detailing and information is contained within the construction documents.

Whether retained by the Owner, Developer, Architect-of-Record, or General Contractor, The Architectural Alliance Group will work closely with all parties while evaluating the project documents.  AAG will review the construction documents for quality control, coordination, and code compliancy.  When requested, AAG will review for compliance with the Owner’s Program Plan to ensure that all of the needs are incorporated into the design intent.  Upon completion, AAG will prepare a report along with the noted drawings, and submit to the parties for review.

The Architectural Alliance Group brings extensive experience in the evaluation and analysis of design and construction related defects.  This experience provides for a broad knowledge base of the most common deficiencies associated with defect claims.  AAG’s review will provide numerous benefits to the parties including mitigating the potential for an errors and omission claim, ensuring that the design team is conforming with the standard of care, and better preparing the parties in the event a claim occurs.

Building Code and Accessibility Analysis

Throughout the design development process of any project, building code compliancy is extremely vital to maintaining a project’s budget and schedule.  Non-compliant issues can cause costly delays during the permitting process and in the field.  Understanding the codes, their intent and acceptable interpretations will greatly reduce unnecessary delays and potential claims.

The Architectural Alliance Group provides building plan review services on a variety of levels.  AAG works with Building Owners, Developers, Architects, and Contractors to perform evaluations ranging from isolated issues to complete plan reviews.

Complete plan review services typically include a thorough review during each phase of the Design Development process.  A report outlining the noted deficiencies will be developed for each individual discipline and submitted to the client.  When requested, AAG will provide design alternatives in order to develop compliant solutions.  This review will cover the code references adopted by the Authorities Having Jurisdiction and will include accessibility requirements and local amendments when applicable.

In addition to the basic review services, AAG will also perform a comprehensive accessibility review.  AAG has extensive experience regarding ADA requirements for new facilities and in upgrading existing buildings.  AAG is well versed in various accessibility guidelines including CABO/ANSI A117.1, ICC/ANSI A117.1, Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards, and the American with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines.

The Architectural Alliance Group also provides code consulting services on an as-needed basis.  It is sometimes necessary to develop alternative methods due to complex situations regarding existing conditions.  It is not always possible to modify the existing conditions in such a manner that the final product will reflect the exact or most common interpretation of the code.  When these situations arise, AAG will work closely with the client and the Authorities Having Jurisdiction to develop a creative, compliant solution.

Contract Review

Most design and construction professionals have some practical experience in Contract Management.  This experience typically includes the drafting of an Agreement, negotiating and executing the terms and conditions.  It is far too common however for most professionals to either develop a custom-form agreement once for a specific project and then continue to use the agreement for each additional project that comes in the door, or to utilize an inappropriate standard-form agreement as published by the various professional organizations.  In either case, the exposure for the professional tends to be “out-of-balance” with the project type.

The Architectural Alliance Group offers Contract Review services to design and construction professionals to provide assistance and advice on effective Contract Management methods, mitigation of potential claims for breaching implied warranties, and to minimize contractual liability exposures.  AAG will meet with the client to discuss the parameters of the project and the professionals’ scope-of-work required to provide recommendations regarding project delivery methods, appropriate standard form agreements, questionable contract language and limits of liability.

Construction Observations

The construction observation and evaluation process is historically one of a “team” concept.  The common understanding is that observations of a typical project would be performed by various parties including architects and engineers, contractors, building department inspectors, testing and observation agencies and where required, special inspectors.  Although it appears that the observation and inspection process should be well covered, it has become all too common for certain areas of the construction process to be overlooked, resulting in substandard work and eventual damage to the building and legal claims.

The basic premise of the “team” concept for observations and inspections is appropriate and up until recently, has provided a system of checks-and-balances that ensure the final constructed product was in conformance with the approved construction documents.  However, given the nature of legal claims associated with construction defects, it is apparent that the team concept has diminished over time, resulting in timely and costly claims.

The Architectural Alliance Group will provide the necessary assistance to ensure that proper observations and inspections are being performed.  The construction observation oversight services offered by AAG will ensure that all areas of the construction process will follow the necessary protocol to not only ensure conformance with the approved plans and specifications but to also mitigate the potential for construction defect claims.

  • Risk Management

    RiskManagement1 Whether you are an owner, a design professional, or a contractor, risk is a part of your development endeavors. Allow AAG to assist in mitigating your risks and in keeping your focus and goals in line with the remaining team participants.
  • Peer Reviews

  • Code Reviews and Analysis

  • Contract Review

  • Construction Observations


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