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Experienced Owner Representation for project development is crucial in maintaining established project schedules and budgets. ¬†Although the role of the Owner’s Representative has traditionally been played by the Architect-of-Record, it has become more and more common for owners to retain third-party consultants to assist throughout the development process.

As an Owner’s Representative and in providing project and construction management services on many complex projects, The Architectural Alliance Group has adopted certain basic philosophies to ensure the successful completion of a project:

  • Attacks each and every problem in an aggressive manner;
  • Is well organized and can plan, direct and control the entire project;
  • Is enthusiastic about achieving high design standards, budget control and schedule performance;
  • Delegates duties and authority well;
  • Communicates well with each person on the team;
  • Motivates the players to perform so that the project’s goals are met;
  • Has the ability to modify a project during the development process so that a client’s changing goals can be met;
  • Is results-oriented, keeping the final outcome of the project in mind at all times;
  • Knows that it takes an entire team to accomplish the greatest possible results and gives proper credit;
  • Listens well to all participants involved in order to clearly interpret their objectives;
  • Ability to convince clients and team members of the right way for a project to proceed;
  • Always aware of time constraints, knows how much time it takes to accomplish a task;
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks without letting details of any one task to be overlooked, and
  • Ability to find the answers for all technical problems and can converse intelligently with clients, team members and governing authorities.

Representation services often vary depending on the size, nature and complexities of a given project. A client’s specific needs also weigh heavily on the extent of services necessary to facilitate the successful completion of a project. The following illustrates some of the basic representation services provided by The Architectural Alliance Group:

  • Pre-Design Phase
    • Project Administration
    • Program Plan Evaluation
    • Project Schedule Evaluation
    • Project Budget Evaluation
    • Evaluation of Owner Supplied Data
    • Existing Facility Survey
    • Establish Lines of Communication with Authorities Having Jurisdiction
    • Establish Lines of Communication with User Groups
    • Preparation of A/E Request for Qualifications
    • Contract Negotiations with Selected A/E Firms
  • Design Development Phase
    • Project Administration
    • Programming/Design Meetings
    • Coordination of Owner and User Supplied Data
    • Coordination of A/E Team
    • Design Document Review
    • Building Code Review
    • Project Scheduling
    • Statement of Probable Costs
    • Value Engineering
  • Bidding and Negotiations Phase
    • Pre-qualify General Contractors
    • Coordination of Bidding Materials
    • Evaluation of Alternates and Substitutions
    • Evaluation of Bids
    • Construction Contract Agreements
  • Construction Phase
    • Pre-construction Meetings
    • Coordinate and Review Submittal Processes and Procedures
    • OAC Meetings
    • On-site Evaluations
    • Quality Control / Assurance Reviews
    • Punch-List(s)
  • Post Construction Phase
    • Maintenance and Operations
    • Start-Up Assistance
    • Coordinate Record Drawings
    • Coordinate Warranty Review

The Architectural Alliance Group, LLC brings extensive experience in providing project representation and construction management services both in the public and private sectors. Over several years, AAG has provided a full-range of representation services on behalf of the State of Colorado overseeing the planning, programming, design development, and construction on numerous multi-million dollar projects.

Whether a representative on behalf of the Owner, Developer, Architect, or General Contractor, The Architectural Alliance Group serves as a “central-hub” for the flow of all project related information.

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