Paul W. Logan, Owner of The Architectural Alliance Group, has been involved in the architecture and construction industry for more than thirty-five years.  Over the years, Mr. Logan has been responsible for the programming, design, and development for a myriad of project types including:

  • Commercial
  • Educational (pre-school through higher education)
  • Governmental
  • Institutional
  • Manufacturing Technologies
  • Health and Medical
  • Religious
  • Information Technology
  • Historic Preservation
  • Residential

AAG has provided architectural design services for new facilities, additions, remodels, remediation and repair projects.  AAG has unique experience in dealing with existing buildings and facilities and is oftentimes retained to address complex building code issues relating to existing buildings and facilities.

Because of his unique and specialized knowledge in environmental criminology and physical security, Mr. Logan is able to incorporate physical security design strategies and mechanisms into the original design of a project.  This ability is vital to many project types such as schools, manufacturing facilities, medical facilities, churches, and municipal buildings – just to mention a few.

Below are just a few representative projects from over the years.

T_CTIL01   T_UCHSC01   T_HCS01   T_PrimroseSchools1   T_BlackHawk1   T_CCD01   T_MTII   T_MTIII   T_MT01   T_CCA01   T_Residential1

  • Example Projects

    ctil1 BlackHawk01 BlackHawk02 Primrose01 Primrose02 Primrose03 Labs01 Labs02 Primrose04

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Forensic Architecture

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